Top Ten Reasons to Work as an Economist in the Federal Government

  1. You will have the privilege of serving the public and make a greater impact on public policy than in any other sector.
  2. You will work collaboratively in interdisciplinary teams with a shared mission to solve real-world problems.
  3. You can partner with outstanding economists, many on leave from academia, and many in the government itself.
  4. You may have opportunities to work with unique or hard-to-access data sources without having to rely on grants for funding.
  5. Your exposure to real world policy problems will supply you with an inexhaustible source of interesting and relevant research ideas.
  6. You will be able to pursue a research agenda without the pressure of "publish or perish" in the tenure process.
  7. You can work in a desirable city with cultural amenities, good schools, where your significant other will have a variety of work opportunities.
  8. You will benefit from federal employment policies that promote work-life balance, such as telework, alternative work schedules, and generous leave programs.
  9. You will enjoy federal benefits which include a choice of health plans, a match in the Thrift Savings Plan, a defined benefit pension, life insurance, and other benefits.
  10. Your experience can give you the opportunity to progress into a leadership role, move to other agencies, return to academia, or transition into the private sector.