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I received a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago specializing in empirically applying contract theory to health insurance markets. After graduate school, I worked for three years in an economic consulting firm focusing on labor disputes, and five years in soft-money research positions at the University of California. These work experiences led me to realize that my ideal job is a position that offers opportunities to apply my microeconometric skills to health care policy issues and provides work-life balance and stability. This realization, as well as my recently becoming a U.S. citizen, motivated me to pursue an economist position in the federal government. Fortunately, I secured an economist position in the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) in the Department of Labor (DOL).

The EBSA position matches well with my realization for four reasons. First, it utilizes my microeconometric skills because part of my job is to critique contract research on health care issues, such as workplace wellness programs and elderly care. Second, this position utilizes my work experiences because in my prior position, I worked on the contractor side of a federal research contract. This experience gives me the unique capacity to manage the extensive research contracts at EBSA because I am intimately familiar with contractors’ perspectives. Third, DOL values work-life balance, which makes it easier for me to balance my professional and personal lives. This balance is important because it lays a strong foundation for professional satisfaction. Finally, the EBSA position is a hard-money position, which enables me to focus my energy on my professional responsibilities, without worrying about funding for next year. Overall, I am happy with my position and believe that I can make significant contributions to EBSA.